Monday, February 7, 2011

Things that make me like individual athletes

The Packers won the Super Bowl. Afterward Greg Jennings was interviewed on the sidelines, in one of those super informative on the field "how does it feel?" type of interviews. (as a side note, someone the sideline reporter didn't seem to have a question a prepared, and ended up floundering to find the correct wording. How does that happen?). In the interview Jennings discussed the team overcoming injuries in the game and mentioned in passing " . . . our number one receiver went down . . . "

The thing is, Greg Jennings is the team's number one receiver by all relevant statistics. He has been for three years. Donald Driver was the one who got hurt. Donald Driver the career long Packer, and one of the few players who had Super Bowl experience on this years Packers.

It was pretty clear from Jennings phraseology that he genuinely considers Driver their number one receiver. It wasn't a forced phrased, no one asked him who the number one guy is, he could have just said 'Donald Driver,' but he said 'our number one receiver.'

I just think that's cool. We don't have much with which we can determine which players we 'like' and which we don't. This sort of thing is way up there for me. Welcome to my #1 fantasy pick next year Mr. Jennings.