Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sports Synchronicity

With the weekend upon us, I figured we could stand to have something trivial, and since I last posted about sports, I wanted to look into some statistical quirks: when do records/achievements line up between sports? Ignore the category of units, and you line up the chase. These are the best ones I could come up with after a little research. The list I'm looking at is below, but these are the highlights:

Brett Favre, at 497 passing TDs, is on similar pace to the MLB record for wins (511) by Cy Young. He could pass it this year.

The NFL receiving record, at 22,895 , isn't out of line with the NBA rebounds record, at 23, 924. That's basically one more top-flight season for Jerry Rice. Still, that's 6 more seasons above 1500 yards for Randy Moss, or ten more for the younger Andre Johnson. If only he hadn't suffered through David Carr.

Stolen Bases in a season (138) near receptions in a season (143). That stolen base record was set in 1887, and hasn't even been neared in my lifetime. However, it stood above all receivers efforts until Marvin Harrison 2002.

A season's rushing efforts top out at 2105, while rebounds maxed out at 2149. OJ Simpson, rushing for 2003 yards in a 14 game season, could have topped it if he had a modern 16 game season.

After that, it starts to become a real stretch. Remarkably, the scale of all of these records really remains out of sync.

NFL Records
Passing Yards
Season Record: 5084; Season landmarks: 4000, 5000; Career: 69,329
Passing TDs
Season Record: 50; Career: 497
Rushing Yards
Season: 2105; Season Landmarks: 1000, 2000; Career: 18, 355
Rushing TDs
Season: 28; Season Landmarks: 20, 25; Career: 164
Season: 143; Season Landmarks: 100; Career: 1549
Receiving Yards
Season: 1848; Season Landmarks: 1000, 1500; Career: 22,895
Receiving TDs:
Season: 23; Season Landmarks: 20; Career: 197
Season: 31; Career: 208
Career: 2544
Season: 22.5; Career: 200

Season Record: 92; Season Landmarks: 50; Career: 894
Season Record: 163; Season Landmarks: 100; Career: 1963
Season Record: 215; Season Landmarks: 100; Career: 2857

Batting Average
Season Record: .439; Season Landmarks: .400
Season: 262; Season Landmarks: 200, 250; Career: 4256
Home Runs
Season: 73; Season Landmarks: 50; Career: 762
Stolen Bases
Season: 138; Career: 1406
Season: 59; Season Landmarks: 20; Career: 511
Season: 62; Career: 596

Season: 2149; Career: 23,924
Season: 4029; Career: 38,387

Goals, EPL: Season: 60;

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