•    the invasion of Iraq was based on the claim that there were wmd's (even if the right later tried to etch a sketch the reason into removing Saddam)
•    there were not the wmd's we thought and claimed there were
•    the invasion of Afghanistan was screwed up when we failed to secure Osama Bin Laden early in the conflict
•    the failure to kill Bin Laden early in the conflict extended the Afghanistan conflict's timeline and scope
•    we failed to commit enough troops to the early occupation of Iraq
•    that failure resulted in extending the conflicts timeline and scope and required the later "surge" of troops
•    as a result of these tactical and policy errors people died.
It doesn't really matter if you believe the Iraq or Afghanistan wars were mistakes or not.  Everyone should be able to agree that mistakes were made, at the very least, in the implementation of these wars.  
So what do you do if your screw up causes hurt to others?  What do we teach every single human being at the youngest of ages to do?  You fucking apologize.  
You say "I'm sorry, it will not happen again."  and you MEAN it.  The concept is in every kindergarten and pre-school in the country, but the notion of it sends our highest elected officials into fits of denial and finger pointing? Seriously? Fuck those assholes.  
And yet I don’t seem to see any media voices push back on this issue at all.  It’s not a difficult concept, it is directly and easily analogous to events we face in our own lives.  
The examples are not difficult to think up:
•    Say you think a traffic light is green and you hit and injure someone, but later video evidence proves that the light was red.  What do you do? Apologize.
•    Say you start a business venture and convince a bunch of friends to invest in it, but then you mismanage it and they lose a bunch of money.  What do you do? Apologize.
•    Or maybe your juice box is stolen and you think Timmy stole it so you punch him, but then it turns out he didn't.  and then you engage in two poorly executed simultaneous wars which result in the horrific deaths of hundreds of thousands.  what's the next step here guys? Fucking Apologize.
We literally expect toddlers to understand this concept, this is not complicated policy mumbo jumbo.
Unfortunately, the Republicans are poisoning our culture with their apology tour bullshit.  Like so much in political discourse it isn't just about winning elections.  The idea they are pushing is that apology is weakness.  That only cowards acknowledge mistakes. When we all know that it's the exact opposite.  
Maybe it’s time we say it aloud.  That maybe the greatest nation in the world should be able to stand the fuck up and say “we made mistakes, and we are sorry to those who have been hurt by them.  We have always and will always strive to be better and to learn from history.”
This idea that apology is weakness is only bolstered by the Democrats' cries of "he didn't apologize!" – the lie is countered, the election may be one, but our culture takes one step closer to the dark side.    
The Obama campaign has an election to win, and they need to stay on target and can't be fighting ideological battles.  But people on the left need to stand up and fight those battles for them.  
That means we should be pointing out that we know Obama didn't apologize for the United States, because those of us on the left are upset at him about it, because we should.