Monday, January 9, 2012

Crazy Boyfriends

Liking celebrities is a funny thing. We don't really know that much about them (at least I don't). Yet when a person plays a character I love on tv, I transfer a not insignificant portion of that love to the actor or actress. As a result, it can always be a bit harrowing when an actor I "love" has their opinion or life exposed in some critical way. Say, if I find out they are a terrible parent, below to a crazy pants church, or support Ron Paul. Stand-up comics are a bit more exposed than most, because they have control over what is in their routine, so it's nice when a stand up comic's routine is close enough to something that I can project as conforming to exactly what I want them to be!

Also, Donald Glover is really funny.

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  1. It's really a terrific bit. Glover's a hilarious comedian, and I realized, the first stand up comic who really is in my demographic (well, despite not being Jewish). He's my age within a month, he went to college in the same neighborhood as I live in now (of course, when I moved here, he had just been hired by Tina Fey to write on 30 Rock). Basic same background. So he's awesome, a cool guy, hilarious, wrote for the best show on TV when it was on, then left to star in the show that replaced it as the best show on TV.

    And nails the bit - there are tons of comedians out there who would turn that into a "women are crazy" routine. It's nice to have a generally tired comedic trope turned into something funny, novel, and progressive.