Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nice Guy TM

Sometimes culture invents a new phrase or name. Sometimes these names are labels that name something we already understand. Swingrich, discussed below, is such a term. It's a great name for something we already understand.

But sometimes learning the meaning of a new label means learning something new, beyond the name itself. The concept exposes us to an idea which increases our understanding of how the world, or people in the world, work.

Nice Guy TM was such a concept for me. From seeking to understand the label, I gained insight into our culture and the people in it. I could write a lot on the idea of Nice Guy TM, but really I just wanted to take a minute to throw up a couple posts around the internet that explain and have various takes on the idea. I'd like to think that reading the content at these links would have done 16-25 year old me some good.

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  1. Thanks for the fantastic Nice Guy (TM) primer. An additional favorite: http://pandagon.net/index.php/site/comments/seriously_theres_nothing_nice_about_nice_guysreg

    Amanda Marcotte does an excellent job of tearing a particularly heinous "Nice Guy" to pieces. Because just calling himself a nice guy doesn't magically transform him into anything other than a monster.

    One disclaimer: The language is a little more... poetic. In a sailor-like way.