Friday, January 20, 2012


I got linked here by Amanda Marcotte's tweet:!/AmandaMarcotte/status/160439693220118528

It's a dude writing an advice columnist asking for permission to skip a wedding because his girlfriend - who is the maid of honor - has, in the past, kissed other members of the bridal party. I can't muster a better response than....REALLY?

I can note that somehow, this fella is a member of my chosen profession, which is depressing, and manages to use the phrase "the repercussions of her actions" to describe his bowing out.

I have a lot of tolerance for teenagers acting like morons. That's why I put up with weird characters on teen shows. You can allow it, they're undeveloped! But law students have to be adults, and it's just frustrating and nothing more when they're these kinds of dillholes.


  1. I just love that DTMFA is part of our cultural lexicon.

  2. Dan Savage has added so much to our collective vocabularies.