Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the implications

Great clip, and behind it lies a great point about the social balance between men and women. On the one hand too many men are completely ignorant of the fact that physical danger is a very real part of women's daily lives, on the other hand, as demonstrated by the clip, all too many men are probably aware of this fact and its implications.

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  1. Is there an analogy that can be made to prison here? Obviously, being a woman in the world is not the same as being a man in prison. But I think the anology is that your physical safety is, ultimately, often in the hands of others.

    A female alone on a elevator at night with a man, is at that man's mercy as to whether or not she is physically safe (99.9% of the time - the obligatory 'some woman are stronger than some men comment'). I don't think men really get this feeling very often. Sure, if someone has a gun, or there are a group of people, a man is at their mercy. But without the specture of rape, it just doesn't have the same feel.

    In jail, men live with the spectre (or all too often the reality) of rape. So having one's physical well being at the mercy of others is particular disconcerting (I would imagine).

    I'm not sure how useful this analogy is... as it's likely to simply enrage anyone who doesn't already understand the dynamic.